Over $250 Million for Deferred Maintenance Projects Sorely Needed at UL System Campuses

Over $250 Million for Deferred Maintenance Projects Sorely Needed at UL System Campuses - Mar 10, 2008

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Over $275 Million for Deferred Maintenance Projects Sorely Needed at UL System Campuses

BATON ROUGE – The University of Louisiana System’s eight universities are seeking legislative support to address a portion of the system’s most critical campus upgrade needs ranging from life safety to major equipment failures, a list that totals $275 million. Today the House Appropriations Committee passed an amended House Bill 46 which now directs $75 million to fund Major Repairs for Higher Education Facilities.


The deferred maintenance funds are to be distributed through the Board of Regents. Each university has submitted a prioritized project list, which has been reviewed by UL System staff and the Board of Regents. The resulting list of over $30 million dollars represents the UL System’s projected share of the original $80 million deferred maintenance pool. In total, 64 critical and immediate UL System needs that have been identified include fire alarm system upgrades, heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and boiler replacements, electrical and plumbing work, roof repairs and waterproofing with a priority given to classroom upgrades.


“This is an important first step in addressing our facility needs,” said UL System Executive Vice President Dr. Kim Hunter Reed. “We appreciate the Governor for prioritizing funds for higher education facility upgrades and repairs in this surplus session. We now ask the legislature for their support in targeting every available dollar to address our most critical campus projects.”


“Our system has been very aggressive in addressing deferred maintenance on our campuses as funds become available; however, inflation in the construction industry continues to challenge those efforts. This appropriation allows us to continue to make progress in the elimination of those repairs identified as most critical on our campuses,” said UL System Vice President for Business and Finance Nick Bruno.


The attached release lists some of the most urgent campus needs along with selected photographs. High resolution photos can be accessed at www.ulsystem.net.

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