“College Begins in Preschool”

“College Begins in Preschool” - Aug 23, 2002

Sally Clausen Announces Public Awareness Campaign to Promote Early Academic Preparation for College

Dr. Sally Clausen, president of the University of Louisiana System (ULS), wants parents and students to know that success in college starts early – in preschool.

To help get the point across, the UL System has sent two public service announcements to Louisiana television stations, featuring the theme “College Begins in Preschool.” The spots advise parents and students about steps they can take to ensure solid, academic preparation for success in college.

“We want everyone in Louisiana to know that it’s never too early to prepare for college. Success in college depends on good academic preparation,” said Dr. Clause. The “College Begins in Preschool” theme is prominent on the ULS website and official letterhead.

One PSA targets parents of preschoolers, noting that reading to their children, helping with homework and spending time together all contribute to success in school. The other PSA targets students in middle school – another critical time in student development. That spot challenges students to higher expectations and academic work, including reading 25 books a year, taking algebra by the eighth grade and writing a paper every week.

Dr. Clausen said some of the concepts in the middle school spot might be new and bold to most viewers. “Only about 25% of students in Louisiana and the U.S. now experience such a rigorous curriculum. We must set high expectations for all children and offer the opportunities and support they need to meet this challenge.”

She said the best investment in children is the earliest investment. The U.S. Department of Education reports that elementary and middle school students who take rigorous math and science courses are 10 times more likely to succeed in college than those who do not.

The PSAs were produced with Louisiana Public Broadcasting. They are part of a ULS campaign that will feature presentations in middle schools by student government association presidents and other campus leaders who will also distribute posters and other materials about the coursework needed for college.

Dr. Clausen said Louisiana’s economic future depends heavily on higher education. “In this age of rapidly advancing technologies, more jobs are requiring college. The more successful our students become, the better equipped they will be to graduate from college, land good jobs, create businesses and grow Louisiana’s economy.”

Dr. Clausen said taxpayers get more value for their investments in higher education when students are ready for and succeed in college. “It’s more efficient and economical – both for families and the state – when students are ready for college. They are more likely to stay in school and graduate.”

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