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Think before you cut education funds

Think before you cut education funds

   It’s important for the state to pinch pennies not skip pennies when it comes to education. Once again we are hearing that Louisiana’s current budget crisis could leave education on the chopping block; however, this time, they’re talking about younger kids being left behind.    Already we’ve heard that higher education will take a hit in the coming fiscal year, but now the depths of the cuts are about to reach public schools.    This calls for even greater concern by a public that continues to be caught in the trap between fiscal responsibility and dollars needed for a better education.    What’s sad is once again it is the children who are caught in the middle.    Their future, along with the rest of the state, hinges on the ability for us to give the next generation a quality education. That is the only way we can ensure our own future and their future at the same time.    Cutting dollars may save Louisiana residents a few bucks in the short term, but we question how much it will really cost in the long run.    That’s why we urge our elected officials to think hard before they cut even a penny from an educational system that is already drained of funds.    Gov. Bobby Jindal is scheduled to unveil his budget on Feb. 27; the state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education will submit their plan April 3. The session begins April 13.    We can only hold our breath and hope that they find a way to keep us on an upper track to better education. It may mean the state have to reach a little deeper into its wallet, but with so much on the line for so many it is worth leaving no stone unturned in an effort to give our kids the best education possible.


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