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University of Louisiana at Lafayette

With an enrollment of more than 18,000, UL Lafayette is the largest of nine institutions that make up the University of Louisiana System. Beyond the numbers, UL Lafayette is a place of rich culture, close community and real-world research.

We’re committed to research for a reason.

UL Lafayette specializes in applied research that solves real-world problems. For example, some of our faculty and students developed CajunBot, a driver-less robotic vehicle capable of finding its own way in dangerous places. That technology is being adopted to develop unmanned boats for the Navy. Also, our students were the first in Louisiana to launch a satellite into space.

This is our time, and we’re determined to make the most of it.

By any measure, the UL Lafayette is thriving. More exceptional students are making UL Lafayette their first university of choice. And we have devoted unprecedented energy and resources to student success. The payoff so far: one of the highest graduation rates in Louisiana. Our faculty members are earning international and drawing record amounts of external research monies. Construction projects totaling more than $140 million have expanded student housing and the Student Union.

We have a gift for bringing people together.

For four centuries, south Louisiana has embraced diversity. So it’s not surprising that we have a natural talent for leaping over disciplinary borders and forging new collaborations. Our students learn an important lesson from partnerships with community organizations: some of the best opportunities emerge from the crossroads of knowledge. And, we continue to forge public-private partnerships with global industries that benefit research and educational opportunities for our students.

We’re eager to share what we’re learning.

Our research extends beyond the classroom. Architecture students and faculty help cities and neighborhoods revitalize their communities. And our engineering students and faculty helped mid-size manufacturers become more productive and energy efficient. We work tirelessly to improve our communities by applying what we’re learning.

We teach the real meaning of joie de vivre.

We prepare students to do more than earn a living. The lessons we offer about life transcend any textbook. Joie de vivre means living life fully, deeply. So we teach with the same passion that defines Cajun and Creole cultures. And we nurture students’ ability to listen, reflect, articulate and savor because these are tools for a lifetime of thoughtful citizenship. For our students, joie de vivre means much more than being good company. It also means being a lively and discerning thinker.

Our Ragin’ Cajun spirit goes beyond athletics.

Yes, the Louisiana Ragin’ Cajuns® are poised to lead the Sun Belt Conference in every major sport. But, beyond sports, we’re passionate about the possibilities for a better world. We know good intentions aren’t enough. That’s why we’ve embraced serving others. Thousands of our students provide service hours in the community. And it’s why our students studying communicative disorders Department devote summer months to helping at-risk children gain the literacy skills they need to succeed. Our students and faculty are invigorated by problems that call upon our deepest reserves of humanity—and we’re applying our best thinking to solve them.


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The University of Louisiana at Lafayette enjoys a growing national reputation of excellence in academics, teaching and research.

UL Lafayette is very sound, financially and academically, and I believe that enormous untapped potential exists.

The University is poised to capitalize on its many strengths for even greater national achievement. I am honored to serve as its president at a time of such promise.  More From President Savoie >>