For Our Future Conference - Call for Proposals

To compete in a global economy, to improve the quality of life in our communities, and to realize the full potential of our state, Louisiana must elevate the educational attainment of its citizens.  Reinvestment is essential.  The returns on that reinvestment, channeled through an enterprise more focused on a strategic mission than ever before, will be immeasurable.  To do this, the nine Presidents of the Universities of Louisiana developed a framework centered on strategic aspirations that will forever change the narrative in Louisiana. 

The Universities of Louisiana have committed to producing the most educated and prepared generation in our state's history, expanding research efforts and public/private partnerships that drive our economy, and investing in the faculty that drive our work.   

The For Our Future Conference will draw a wide range of faculty and staff to assemble to collaborate and strategize on meeting these aspirations.  The conference will have presentations and discussions that focus on the following areas:   

Academic Success, Student Success and Educational Attainment

Given the documented economic and societal benefit associated with increases levels of educational attainment, our universities are committed to producing Louisiana' most education generation in our history.  However, Louisiana's number of graduates is forecast to plateau.  How do we reach those students that come from non-traditional populations, including those sectors that historically have had lower participation and success rates? How do we create new approaches to course-taking and curriculum design to maximize student engagement and learning outcomes for students of all backgrounds and experiences? What new digital teaching tools seem to affect student outcomes?

Economic Development, Research and Innovation

Louisiana's growing knowledge-based economy and the evolution of tradition economic sectors create new opportunities for collaboration with business and industry.  All regions of Louisiana have benefited from new and expanded business entities that partner with our universities.  Rapidly advancing technology combined with vastly improved data collection and analysis capabilities have led to an unprecedented era of discovery and innovation.  Building on those successes, how do we expand both public and private partnerships that can enhance economic prosperity?  How do we leverage our collective research capacity to improve quality of life and stimulate economic growth?

Financial Stewardship and Accountability

The Universities of Louisiana will continue to pursue operational practices that increase return on investment to stakeholders.  We are already a leader among Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) states in maintaining low administrative costs.  Stewardship demands care and responsible management of resources.  The most valuable of our resources are our faculty, they are the connection between the student and the institution.  How can our universities maximize administrative efficiencies, resulting in an increased investment in instruction and academic support?  How do we recruit, retain and develop the highest quality faculty who will focus on excellence in teaching, research and innovation? What are new models of faculty support?

As you can see, the program for the "For Our Future Conference" promises engaging dialogue and empowering development opportunities as we pursue a new era of reinvestment in our work.

If you are interested in making a presentation in any of the topic areas listed above, or another issue not listed, please see the following instructions.


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Deadline for the submission of proposals:  Friday, December 15, 2017

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